British Curriculum School – Academic Excellence Guaranteed

The expense of those in the Malaysia are generally considered as being expensive in comparison to boarding schools in a number of other nations, but considering the price alone is misleading. They are subject to minimum criteria laid out by the education department of their Malaysia authorities, and are regularly inspected to make sure that those criteria are being met. Minimum criteria are above and beyond those enforced in most other countries, so you can be certain that your child will be given a high quality of education at any institute at the Malaysia.

british curriculum school in malaysia

Boarding schools instruct students by following the conventional british curriculum school in malaysia, which is respected and replicated by many different nations.  At eighteen, students gain their a-levels, which are, according to Cambridge university and oxford university, the maximum type of pre-university qualifications available. Having attained good a-levels grades, students can attend the best universities anywhere in the world. The grades that students at boarding schools achieve because of their a-levels are well above the national average, with a great deal of students achieving straight as. The best time to get a child to begin is in the age of twenty five, which is when students in the Malaysia begin their secondary education. Older students are approved, but the process of transition is easier when they are starting from the exact same stage as their peers. Competition for places can be intense, especially at the top achieving boarding schools, and academic entry tests must usually be passed. The academic year starts in September from the Malaysia, so taking the entrance test at least six months ahead of that month is a good idea.

What follows is a short summary of what you should do before making a final decision on which boarding school to send your kid to:

  • browse the website of each school and ask a comprehensive prospectus in those you like best.
  • see two to five schools if it is likely to do so.
  • show your child details of every school and seek their opinion.
  • check what is, and what is not, included in the institution fees.
  • ask whether your child qualifies for any scholarships or grants.