Bola88: An Addictive Potion

Online gambling is a combination of multiple graphics, pixels, and sounds composed into one single video game that is played either on the internet or various computer networks to earn money in grants or to lose all penny to eccentrics. Started in 1994 from Antigua and Barbuda, over 25 years it has manifested itself in multiple forms to entertain diverse minds worldwide. From the smaller perspective of having online poker room it has risen to the edge of licensed online casinos, certified horse rating and gambling, betting on a sports team in varied sports and full time online betting.


Probability, this shot of poker is won by the house


Gambling is pure addiction to human. The human greed is known to all. Already every person faces the criteria of rich and poor and if gambling is the short way towards money and success than let it be. Money matters the most above all riots, regimes, and principles the cycle of life values upon. Some gamble for pure money, some for entertainment, some for passion, and some for showing off his/her class and some as their career. But at the end of the whole defamed structure of human greed, gambling starts from money and should end with money. Well, the answer is surely no.

  • According to the mathematical probability; the number of possible poker hands is 2598960. Such multiple combinations are possible to come in the player’s hand. Among this, there are different categories but all of them, even on summing it up, ensure the winning probability of a player by 33% thus the major portion of winning is taken by the casino house itself that is 77%. Thus the casino is never in the loss.

All the aspects of the article conclude that everything controlled with cautiousness generates fruitful results, but addiction to something can destroy oneself and its surrounding. Bola88 is one such addictive potion that once tasted, strives for more. And if tried to take to away human greed turns into violence.